Penetration testing software

Name License Description Link
SysReptor Easy pentest reporting tool to write findings in markdown, design and customize reports in HTML and VueJS, render to PDF. Additional features MFA, note-taking, collaboration, data encryption at rest, SSO. Dual (Source Available, Commercial)
Reporter Reporter is an all-in-one pentest reporting workspace to boost quality and efficiency to a higher level with collaboration tools, retest/review flows, templates, a client portal, and more. Commercial
Reconmap Reconmap is an open-source penetration testing and report generation tool for Infosec teams that uses templating, automation and machine learning to streamline the delivery of security projects. Open-source (Apache-2.0 license)
HaxHQ Fast and easy to use, with PingCastle support, streamlined library and an integrated CA for client certificate authentication. Host locally with full visibility into the source code. Unrestricted, free version at Dual (Source Available, Commercial)
Dradis Framework Dradis is an open-source reporting and collaboration tool trusted by 1,000s of InfoSec professionals around the world. Dual (Open-source, Commercial)
Faraday Faraday normalizes, tracks, and identifies Assets and Vulnerability data coming from more than +80 security tools. Dual (Open-source, Commercial)
PwnDoc PwnDoc is a pentest reporting application making it simple and easy to write your findings and generate a customizable Docx report. Open-source (MIT)
reNgine reNgine is an automated reconnaissance framework for web applications with a focus on highly configurable streamlined recon process Open-source (GPL-3.0)
PeTeReport PeTeReport (PenTest Report) is an open-source application vulnerability reporting tool designed to assist pentesting/redteaming efforts, by simplifying the task of writting and generation of reports. Open-source (BSD-3-Clause)
WriteHat A pentest reporting tool written in Python. Free yourself from Microsoft Word. Open-source (GPL-3.0 license)
VULNR╬×PO Free vulnerability report generator and repository end-to-end encrypted. Open-source (Apache-2.0 license)
Pentest-Collaboration-Framework Opensource, cross-platform and portable toolkit for automating routine processes when carrying out various works for testing! Open-source (MIT license)
Cyver Core Change the way you deliver pentests, with cloud pentest management tools, complete with automated reporting & everything you need to deliver Pentest-as-a-Service. Commercial
Hexway Hive & Apiary Hive is the ultimate solution to bring penetration testing to the next level. One platform to rule them all. Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) platform to aggregate and work with data from security tools in a common environment. Enjoy custom docx reports, quick imports, checklists and modern collaborative tools. Dual (Community, Commercial)
PlexTrac PlexTrac is a cybersecurity reporting and workflow management platform that supercharges security programs, making them more effective, efficient, and proactive. Commercial
AttackForge AttackForge helps you manage your penetration testing programs, and deliver large-scale pentesting services. Pentest Management and Reporting Made Easy, A Platform Built for Productivity, Collaboration and Visibility. Dual (Community, Commercial)
APTRS APTRS (Automated Penetration Testing Reporting System) is an automated reporting tool in Python and Django. The tool allows Penetration testers to create a report directly without using the Traditional Docx file. It also provides an approach to keeping track of the projects and vulnerabilities. Open-Source (GPL-3.0)